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Why the hobbits?

It is a nickname we got from friends a while ago. It is also a not only a nickname that describes our size but also our adventurous spirit. We are a family of four and love going bushwalking every time we have the chance. We love exploring nature, to discover new places and wildlife. We simply enjoy the majestic beauty of Queensland.


We like making our bushwalking experience into a fairy tale. Finding trees that look like humans. Listening to the sounds of the forest as it sings. Sing songs and collect magic items along the way. Stay still when we see a butterfly. Find a refreshing fall and creek to relax and recharge our bodies. And the sound of a camera when it does Click! 

Welcome to our our blog and website.

The hobbits  (P&F photography).

Sofi Fortunato

Is an Illustrator based in Airlie Beach Australia

Sofia Fortunato is originally from Caracas, Venezuela. She lived in Norway for ten years where she obtained MSc in Marine Microbiology and a PhD in Evolutionary Biology at the University of Bergen. In parallel with her Scientific education, during her time in Norway, she developed a “secret life” as artist. In 2015, she moved to Australia to pursue a postdoc at James Cook University in Townsville. It was during her postdoc position that she felt a strong call from the artist side within herself and decided to take a career approach in which she could combine art and science.


Sam Penglase

Is an Illustrator based in Airlie Beach Australia

Sam is a scientist, with a diverse background. From winemaking to lecturing fish nutrition, and aquaculture industry. His passion for photography. He taught himself photography during his three years parental leave break with our second daughter Laila. 

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