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Short walks for small feet in Airlie Beach



Airlie Beach Creek

Only 850m track, only few steep steps into the forest. Follow the creek all the way to a water hole.It's a good track for a short sape into the forest or for a lunch among the green trees. There are lots of rock to climb and many animals to discover along the way.

Swamp Bay trail

A 2.1 km track, on the way to Mount Rooper, a trail below the shady canopy of trees. This track is a bit rough but easy to achieve. with some steps along the way, you won't regret this path as it ends in a beatiful bay. Once you make it to the end, just sit on the ground made of coral rubble and enjoy the fresh sea breeze. This place is also a camping ground so it could be a good option to if you feel adventurous and don't mind midges. 

Hayward Gully

Another short track, of only 1.6 km  you found this one on the side of the Shutte Harbours road. This one is excellent to do during winter as in summer the mosquitoes are voracious and would attack you without remorse. This track is an excellent opportunity for a picnic day and a short walk to relax, it is not steep and not too rough. 

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