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Welcome little Mia


On the night of the 25th of June...

Our life began a new journey. A new unexpected baby girl arrived to our world. This new little challenge called Mia, came to spread joy in our home. You probably think that after having two kids, we were experts on raising children. I guess we also naively thought so too. It could be age, seven years had passed since we deal with a newborn baby but It's quite shocking how much we forgot about how to nurture a newborn baby and specially how exhausting it is. The nights once more awake with the noise of a grunting baby. And when the lack of sleep accumulates in time, the daylight pauses and you walk through the day as a sleepwalker

With our hearts full of joy we decided to return. The chronicles of our journey continues. Our adventures anew and refresh. 

 In addition to having a break because of our new baby's arrival, with the covid restrictions, there was not much bushwalking nor road trip nor camping we could do over the last three months. But last weekend, we finally put our fit on a dirty track and oh dear! how much we missed it. In fact that short walk recharged us with tones of motivation to continue this project. So here we are, the OutdoorHobbits August edition is here. 

This edition of OutdoorHobbit brings you a variety of stories. Meet the two parents that had gone wild and travelled all around Australia with two babies for two years. We also interviewed Gill, a bushwalking guide -by the way one of my dream jobs- meet her story and her experiences in Airlie Beach. Finally, we bring you -of course!- three bushwalks in Airlie Beach totally recommended for the little ones. 

Even in times of pandemic, let's find that dirty road, filled with adventures, with dancing leaves on the canopy and a choir of singing birds.  We hope that your life blossom as much as ours just did. We hope you enjoy this edition as much as we did bringing it all together.

Thank you so much for your support for the last two years! if you are new, welcome again. 

Let's find more adventures and reach more peaks with our kids!

All the best,

Sofia and Sam

The OutdoorHobbits team

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The May edition of OutdoorHobbits brings a whole bunch of fascinating stories. Meet the couple from New South Wales Australia, living off-grid with a baby. Discover cockatoo creek in Townsville, an excellent trail to introduce and train kids to hike. We give you tips on how to build resilient kids, and what better way to do so than with hiking. 

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