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Studio time

Illustrator based in Airlie Beach Australia

I paint and illustrate using gouache as a medium in a combination with ink, crayons and oil pastels for final touches or to add minor details. I found gouache fantastic paint because of its dual properties as watercolor and acrylic.


I approach my art the same way I did for my scientific experiments. In fact, the experimental phase of my work usually takes longer than producing the actual painting.  During this part of my art process, I like thinking about the colors I would use, and their combinations. I also enjoy going on a "field trip" to the beach and the forest to collect samples and have a real feeling n the colours I will use on a particular paint. I use a protocol notebook, and I experiment a lot before proceeding on a final paint. I record in my notebook every movement I do with my brushes and record my choices of colour and in which order they would go on a particular paint. 

I also combine my artwork with swimming and swimming teaching which makes me reset after working on my artwork during the day. 

Sofi Fortunato  |   misssofifart@gmail.com

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