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Personal Space Charm


No time to work on my projects.


I already accepted that I need to embrace parenting full time. However, it doesn’t mean it’s the end. My art projects and books will be on hold for a while. But while I am home with the girls -and in this lockdown- I will add a lot of creativity into my daily life. Who knows perhaps I find a new approach or material I could use in my art.


With all this time, I will need to spend with my daughters- as Daddy works full time- I don’t want my projects to fall apart. I know I can’t be 100% productive as before, but if at least I can achieve a little be every day, things will progress at least a snail pace.


This let me have an idea of a way I can make time to work on my projects. I discuss with my daughters the term of personal space. To my surprise, my daughters were familiar with this.


A personal space- a place where you want to be by yourself, either creating, thinking or playing, so you put your bubble on and drift away in your mind in whatever you place you wish to go.


So after discussing the term, I propose we could make a personal space charm. Then, Alessa looked at the concept of the different meanings of the word charm in the dictionary and we focus on this one: a charm a small ornament is worn on a bracelet or chain.


Charms had been traditionally used in other cultures all around the world. Their main purpose is generally luck. Dream catchers in Native American cultures; Maneki-Neko is Japan, Elephants in India, Scarabab in Egypt, and many more.


Once we did our research about charms, we searched on Pinterest for ideas on how to make a lucky charm -in our and created a Pinterest's board. Once we chose our design we gathered all the material we needed to create our charm.

We decided to name it, personal space charm (PS charm).

We spend part of our morning collecting sticks -it was also a good way to mix it with outdoor activity- we prepare the sticks, some painted them, others decorated it. Once I have mine ready, I put it on the door and showed them how the PS charm would work.

This is what you need:​

  • Strings

  • sticks

  • Sandpaper

  • shells

  • beads

  • leftover laces

  • Use your endless imagination

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