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A taste of rainforest in Palmetum

Level: Beginner.

A taste of rain forest

If you want to see a bit of the tropical rain forest, or you just want to have a short walk with your kids, palmetum is a good place to start. Palmetum is the other botanical garden in Townsville. Palmetum is in Annandale, close to James Cook University. If you want to know about the history of this Park I found this http://www.soe-townsville.org/parks/palmetum.html

The walks start either from Ross River trail in Annandale or by the parking lot at the tea room house. We usually combine this trip with a bike ride along the river. We stop to see the Turtle and leave the bikes outside.

Good for young children or starters

Palmetum is a good option for you and your little one if you want them to start walking. The trails are short. The side with the rain forest trail is shaded and has lots of trees. The other side of the park has not shade but it is a beautiful walk to do. There is a pond with lots of native birds. There are lots of different species of palms and there is patches of different plant species from other parts of the world.

Picnic and games

After the walk, sit in a picnic table or in the grass, enjoy the park and play games with your kids. In our last trip to palmetum, we did our game ‘tell me a story’ and we created this ‘I was a bat’. We also take other games and books to read.

Enjoy time outdoors with your family!


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