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All the things you could do in Balgal beach

Updated: Jan 21

Vamos a la play! Le't go to the beach! I tell this sometimes to my family on a Sunday...

I enjoy going hiking whenever I have the chance, but I also enjoy walking on a beach and feeling the sandy grains trickle between my toes. I am sure many people would agree with me that going to the beach is magical. Maybe it is the sound of the waves crashing on the sand, or maybe the breeze passing through your hair. I am not sure what it is exactly, but every time I go on a Sunday, my body feels recharged with energy enough to start the new week on a high.

We are very lucky to live by the East Coast of Australia. We are very lucky to have so many wonderful beaches to visit. One of our favourite places is Balgal Beach, which only 54 km north of Townsville. For us, Balgal Beach is one of our locations for recreation. Balgal means stone in Aboriginal, but most of Balgal is nothing like a stone. Balgal beach has a yellowish-brown sand that extends for more than 1 km. There is a small population of residents, some of them live in front of the sea and I admit that I envy them, in a good way though, because I always dream to live on the beach, in a house where I can just get up from bed and see the ocean from my window.

But let's focus on all the things you could do when you visit Balgal beach.

You could go swimming...Balgal beach has a net out in summer so you will be protected from stingers, crocs, sharks and other not-so-friendly marine creatures.

Watch an army of soldier crabs...when the tide is low, just walk along and observed thousands of soldiers crabs marching on the mud near the river entrance. They are fun!

Fun for kids...play at the play-ground located near the free camping site.

Eat and relax...with free bbq facilities or at the shack like restaurant "The fishermen landing" with delicious fish and chips. And if you just want to go there to relax, like I often do, take your mat, sit under a beautiful Sea almond (Terminalia catappa) tree and enjoy the seaside view.

Ride A horse...some people do that, but I don't have a horse. The people below do, or know someone who does, or are just a bunch of horse thieves (remember Australia has a criminal past).

Make a sand castle...my girls favourite!

Collect corals and shells...Mamma hobbit favourite and of course,

Walk on the beach...won't get tired of saying this, but yes I love walking on Balgal beach.

Enjoy the beach and remember to leave only your foot steps and not your rubbish behind (and dont steal peoples horses)!

Mamma hobbit

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