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Bicton Hill: where the ocean meets the rainforest

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Distance: 4km (return)

Level: Intermediate.

The surface is a rough and steep in some places, including some sections with stairs, but overall the track is relatively well maintained and easy to navigate.

Facilities: Picnic Tables but no toilets.

Warning: As usual stay away stinging leaves.

Last weekend, we made a road trip and adventure in North Queensland. This time we visited the land of the Cassowary (or Cassoberries, as Laila calls them). We started our journey in Mission beach. Have you ever visited Mission Beach and the surrounding area? We have been there at least four times already and it always strikes me how much the landscape can change so dramatically in only a 200 km drive. Mission beach is part of the Cassowary way and it is when you REALLY feel in the Tropical rainforest area of North Queensland. We had done several walks previously but today I am going to tell you about the Bicton Hill hiking trail. A place where the forest meets the reef, so they say.

Map source: https://www.npsr.qld.gov.au/parks/clump-mountain/about.html

The trail was located at Clump Mountain, and about 500m before Bingil bay. We left the car at the parking place located right next to the track. Immediately as we walked in we were submerged in a tropical rain forest. The track was covered with crunchy brown and yellow leaves, as they were having a pretty dry 'dry season', with below average rainfall. Along the way we noticed mainly cycads, ferns and fig trees in the forest surrounding the trail. They protected us from the sun. The wind blew gently through the rainforest, making it a fresh, pleasant and enjoyable walk. We moved along the trail slowly, accompanied by the sound of the ocean. Through gaps in the forest, glimpses of the ocean were visible now and then. I really enjoyed the presence of the ocean along the way, in particular the sounds of the sea while walking through a rainforest.

The trail climbed slowly to the top of the hill. The last part of the trail just prior to the top lookout, was steep and had stairs in places. Once we got to the top of the hill, we found a gap among the trees that allowed us to admire the view. From the lookout, the beach, ocean, a large jetty and the islands nearby can be seen. It was a nice view indeed. We stayed there for a while, resting our feet and refilling our bellies with snacks. The girls played a game with all of the items they collected along the way; seeds, leaves, snails shells, rain forest fruit (also known as Cassoberry food according to Laila).

The way down was easy. It only took 30 min to get to the parking place. Laila complained a bit about having shaky legs. It was her first time walking 4 km all by herself. I am very proud of her effort. We didn't use a carrier because I forgot it at home. Perhaps I should considering leaving the carrier at home more often. Laila is five and she still needs a bit of help when we go hiking, especially when the trails are steep. Laila enjoyed running downhill the most, she loves it. "I can't help myself Mamma" she said to me. "You are going to fall." I said. And...She did. The dry leaves on the ground made the trail slippery on the way down.

Next time you visit Mission beach, find this trail. It is worth it and I am sure your kids will enjoy it too.

Mamma hobbit

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