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Booroona trail

Level: Beginner (Highly recommended for little ones)

Distance: 1.6km (one way)

Ross river flows all the way from the Pepper Pot Mountain, Hervey Range, into Ross river dam, from where it can flow (In a good wet season) all the way down past Townsville city. This makes a total extension of 49km of water. There are plenty of activities you can do around Ross river, including several walking tracks. This post is about our Sunday trip to the Booroona trail which straddles the Ross river, near the Townsville suburb of Rasmussen.

We started our walk by the boat ramp at Loam Island. The trail itself goes along Ross river between Loam Island and Apex Park. The trail is forested and dominated by paper bark trees (Melaleucas).

The layered paper like bark on the tree trunks make a patchwork of different brown, white and grey colours, and along with their with long leaves hanging down, these trees add a bit of fairy tail feeling to the walk. Many paper barks over hang the river, making natural bridges and diving boards for people to swim in the river (No saltwater crocs here for years apparently, only freshies).

The trail itself is flat, quite wide and is well maintained and able to be used by pedestrians, bikes and strollers/prams alike (See pictures). Furthermore, the trees provide a lot of protection from the sun. About halfway through the trail you will come out of the forest at the Townsville Rowing club, before the trail again continues into forest where there is a short boardwalk. At the end (1.6 km from the start), you will come to the Apex park. The park has several large sculptures. The leaf sculptures we are lying on (See below) are based on the paperbark tree leaves that line the trail. There is a playground at Apex Park which is designed for primary school children. Along with the playground there is several pontoons onto the river, bins and covered tables, making this a good place for a picnic/resting place.

We walk back the same way, making the total Loam Island to Apex Park return trip a total of 3.2 km. Once we got back to our starting point at Loam island, we stopped by the old jetty of the other side of the boat ramp. We had afternoon tea and watch the scenery, mostly dominated by boats and canoes passing by. We met three very friendly dogs. The walk had a lot of charm and was a great afternoon Sunday activity. I think we will go back again.

Enjoy more time outdoors with your family!

Mamma hobbit.

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