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Cockatoo Creek: an easy and fun walk.

Updated: Apr 7

Before you start

Trail name: Cockatoo Creek.

Level: Intermediate for children.

Distance: 4 km (return)

How to get there: Follow the Bruce Highway South of Townsville, turn left to Alligator Creek and follow the road all the way to the picnic area.

Refresh and relax at Cockatoo creek


'No mum, I don't want to do the stairs' said little hobbit.

'Hold my hand, we can jump together', suggested Mama hobbit.

It is a nice trail for children but it has stairs up at the beginning of the trail. My little hobbits always complain about it but they like jumping holding my hands between steps on the way up.

Early birds don't sweat

If you do the walk during summer, do it early in the morning. The trees are short and therefore the trail is not well shaded. Moreover, there is a very good chance to see more wildlife if you go early...

Green is my kind of color

We have done Cockatoo creek trail three times, two last year and one in January this year. The trees are greener in January compare to November last year. It makes a big difference seeing the beautiful greens in the trail. Moreover, there is more water in the creek. The creek was quite murky in November.

Watch out for slippery rocks!

We careful with the little ones always. My older hobbit likes jumping between rocks. The rocks can be slippery. Help them getting around. There is a sandy patch where they can sit and play and you can just lay down to relax for at least 5 min, before they get in trouble.

After the walk you can enjoy Alligator creek and have lunch at the picnic area.

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