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Hervey range part 1: the tea walk

Updated: Jan 21

Level: Beginner.

Distance: aprox. 1km

The Hervey range area is a nice option for a Sunday family day. This is the first post, out our series of trails near the Hervey range area. The tea walk could be a good option for everyone in the family, and specially for little ones. The Hervey range tea house is located only 30min away from Townsville. You can find information here about the history of this place heritagetearooms.com.au.

I am very fond of this place. In here, you can combine a walk, tea or coffee, food and fun, in one place and in the mountains. The walk is easy for kids. The tea trail starts behind the tea house, on the back. Find the fairy garden. It goes on a loop around the area. It starts by the fairy garden, goes to the right into a farm land with horses (nice for kids to see). The trails turns inland into a path of forest. Then it takes you to the back site of the tea house land. Does a turn and you find the pond. After the pond go straight, and back to the tea room.

Follow the sings

After or before the walk. Relax in the tea house and enjoy the view and the cool temperature of the area. The tea house also have outdoor activities for children and my favourite of all, the fairy garden.

Enjoy your fairy trail!



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