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A hiking trail with ocean view: Horseshoe bay

Updated: Mar 12

Before you Start

Trail: Cape Edgecumbe

Level: Difficult to easy (good for beginner little hikers)


Horseshoe Bay lookout:

Cape Edgecumbe: 2.5km one way.

World war site:

Time: Allow 3 to 4 hours with young children.

How to get there: Bowen is located 192 Km South of Mackay and 205Km North of Townsville. Before, when we lived in Townsville.

Facilities: Toilets, showers and picnic tables at Horseshoe bay

Bowen has never been an attractive stop for us when traveling South or North along the Queensland coast. For many years, we never think of even stop at Bowen to explore. But after moving to Airlie Beach, since had changed and Bowen in our neighbor town so we decided to start our January road trip, with a stop in Horseshoe bay to hike the Cape Edgecumbe trail. This is a trail makes you feel as if you were suddenly transported into a hidden tropical paradise inside Bowen's town.

Now let's talk about the trail. Before heading towards it, as you park the car, you encounter a beautiful small sandy bay, no more than 300m long. As we contemplated the beach, we were immediately enchanted by the clear blue turquoise waters. The trail starts to your right the path entrance is at the side of the resort. A big sign welcomes you to introduce you to the trail. The trail is a bit challenging at the beginning, it could be steep for kids (and it was for me too with a pregnant belly). Also, there is no much shade, so as usual with other trails in Queensland the best time of the day to walk this trail would be either early in the morning or late afternoon, once the sun starts heading down.

But even if the trail was steep and the heat was starting to get intense, we continued ahead. I am glad we did because the trail takes you through amazing views of the Whitsundays and the blue ocean shines below your feet. The first stop is the Horseshow bay lookout. Then follow the path and head downstairs to continue. -Optionally, you could continue forward to head towards the World war historical site which is on the top of a boulder, and again another amazing view awaits. The trail to the site is steep but doable for kids, just watch out when heading down not to fall.

To complete the trail, walk along the Murray bay, and continue the trail to Rose, Gray and Queens bay. Then the trail heads towards the road and does a loop back to Horseshoe Bay.

And after the walk, we rewarded ourselves with a nice refreshing swim at Horseshow bay and a picnic. So, in summary, this adventure is a perfect combination of hike and bathing time at the beach!

Remember to allow plenty of time to do this trail with kids. Although the sign estimates that you can do the trail in one or two hours, it would definitely take longer with kids. Make sure to take plenty of stops to relax and enjoy the amazing views.

Written by Sofia Fortunato (aka Mamma hobbit)

Edited by Sam Penglase (aka Papa hobbit)

Photos by Sofia and Sam

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