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I was a bat

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Teeth shone through the night. Once upon a time the story was not. It was once upon ahead. I ran away but I could hear behind me the howls of screams from those who possessed the teeth which I saw in a flashing moment and then the footsteps ‘dush, dush dush’ getting lauder through the night. Even though I felt I was running, the footsteps became louder and louder, ‘dush, DUSH, DUSH, DUSH.' And then darkness appeared; I woke up hanging upside down in a cave. I could hear bats and screeches from bats but nothing else (Papa hobbit).

It was cold and I shivered. Goose bumps covered all over my body. The cold breeze waved through the cave and made me freeze. I wanted to get out. It was cold, dark and murky. I have no way out. Then, the sun shone and the cave was getting lighter and lighter but it was still cold (Alessa).

Someone was cooking me breakfast in the oven. I did not know what they did but I was so disgust that I did not want to eat. So I tried to get out to find my own food but it did not work. I tried, tried, tried and tried until the bats screeched until a voice came out and said ‘You have to try to find the exit somewhere in the cave. And then you have to go. And then come with me'. Said the voice (Laila).

I didn’t know where that voice was coming from. Then I made myself go down from where I was because I was hanging like a bat. I followed the smell. It was like bread smell. I saw the light and followed it. And I heard the voice again 'come, come here. It is ready’. Who was that talking to me, I though. Then I saw the shape of a fairy from the distance and through the light. I followed and followed the fairy. The fairy kept saying. ‘come, come is ready’. The smell of bread was getting stronger as I go. ‘Mmm! It smells yummy’, I said. I kept following the fairy. Suddenly, I went through a tunnel up and outside the cave, and as I come up, I woke up. I was on my bed. I smelt the bread and saw Mum sitting next to me saying, ‘come on, it is time for breakfast' (Mamma hobbit).

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