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Jourama Falls

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Level: Beginners and Intermediate

Munan Gumburu, ‘misty mountain’ is the aboriginal name for the Paluma Range. Definitely, Paluma is misty and full of wonder. This post follows our trips to the Paluma Range. This time, we tell you about our experience in Jourama Falls.

Only 90 km North of Townsville, just off the Bruce Highway, you will find another of those hidden treasures of Queensland. Jourama Falls. This place is a perfect spot for either a day, or a weekend camping trip. Driving in, the picnic area is the first spot you encounter. It has open grassy areas interspaced by gum trees that provide ample shade, and BBQ's, picnic tables and toilet facilities. There is a swimming place nearby, so all in all this would be a good place for lunch during a day trip.

A bit further on up the road is the camping site. We have stayed in the camping site twice. Once in May and the other time in November. As May is at the end of the wet season, the vegetation was a lot greener and lusher than when we stayed in November, which is near the end of the dry season. Rain makes trees green and happy (da). The camp site is very shady, has toilets, a shower("cold") and BBQ facilities. A little further up the road, you will come to the parking place near the entrance of the walking trail. The landscape changes as you walk in the trail. The rainforest grows on the fringes of the creek and the higher sloped of the hills.

The walking trail has options for everyone.

Short walk: to the the first water hole. Ideal spot if you are just passing and need to refresh in the creek. (name of the creek) or have young children and/or a stroller with you.

A bit more further walk: to the rock pools and water slides. This place is not too far (500 to 800 m estimate). It is easy to access by foot (but not strollers). You need to help your kids jumping on the rocks once you arrive to the pools. Tell your kids to find the magic bridge!

Intermediate: Takes you on a 800 m walk up to the top of the hill where the look out is for Jourama falls. It is a nice hike adventure for kids but can be a bit challenging if there are not used to stairs and hills. We would recommend to take this trail early in the morning, so you can beat the heat. The vegetation changes to open woodland, and is less shaded than the dense rainforest vegetation around the stream. It is worth the walk. The look out provides a spectacular view of the falls. And in addition, a dip in the cool stream is super refreshing after walking back down.

As you take this trails, enjoy the sound of the birds and the beautiful landscape. Remember to take your rubbish with you please please please! bins are not provided.

Mosquitos madness! Bring your insect repellent. The mosquitos will find you tasty once you enter the forest on the trail.

Enjoy this fairy trails!

The hobbits

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