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Jungaljungal walk from Kauri creek.

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Level: Advance

Distance: 5 km (return).

In this post, we take you throughout the one of the World heritage-listed rainforest in the Tablelands to Danbulla National Park. During out trip to the Tablelands we decided to explore Lake Tinaroo and the area around it. We drove to the Danbulla road and stopped at Kauri Creek picnic area. In Kauri Creek picnic area, there was section of the Jungaljungal walk. The Jungaljungal trail is 8.2km long. Because we had a long day ahead us we decided to take a shorter distance walk from Kauri Creek.

The circuit trail from there is 5km (return).

The trail started on the back and to the other side of the picnic area and toilet facilities. We crossed the bridge and entered following the sings. We found a very useful information sign at the start of the trail. The trail passed along side the creek for a while and moved into the forest. A long curtain of trees surrounded the trail accompanied by a concert of noise birds (Click here for a list of birds found in the area). According to the information of the web, there are 290 species of birds in this National Park.

Get ready to wet your feet on the creek! The path was cut off by the creek from time to time. It was fun and refreshing. We took us our shoes to continue our path, but soon we got attacked by leeches. I know leeches are not dangerous, but having something on your skin sucking your blood, whether it is leeches or mosquitos, it isn't something I enjoy.

The trail was shaded by the dense foliage of the tall wall of trees on both sides. The track was steep for a while but it was just a short section of the trail. We soon reached the top. Once we did, I was a bit disappointed. There were no lookouts. Then, the trail went down again for a while and took us to a gravel road. the road surrounded the creek to the other side. We continued walking on the road. The road was isolated, and we did not encounter any car or human on our way. The road continued but we turned to the left, into the forest again, following the sing to the car park. This part of the trail connected with the beginning of the trail and takes you back to the starting point again.

The girls did a great job. The trail required a bit of fitness, but I did not find it particularly difficult. It was narrow sometimes, and steep in some areas but it wasn't impossible. We made sure to take many stops so we completed the trail in four hours. I am sure it can be done in less time but we were very slow and stopped quite a lot.

The game of the trail was collect precious rocks. We found a spot on the creek with beautiful colourful stones, we found pink, yellow, orange, and white shinny stones.

Once back at the picnic area, we sat down to enjoy out lunch. My feet, socks and shoes were totally wet and I was quite tired but I felt happy after completing this amazing trail.

Hobbit's tips:

  • Take long pants and long sleeve shirt to avoid leeches. The still tried to jump on us but there is nothing you can do about it.

  • We recommend you take insect repellent. We found tick sucking blood on my arm and Laila's shoulder, two days after we did the walk.

  • An extra pair of shoes in the car would be useful :)

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