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Kissing point and botanical trail

Level: Intermediate

Hike and playtime.

Kissing point, Jezzine Baracks, botanical garden trail is a very good option if you want to start training your children hiking. This trail is also an historical trail, you will find a lot of artwork such as sculptures telling the history of previous times in Townsville. The short distance of this trail combine with stairs going up the hill makes a good option for starters. For me, getting children used to hike is similar to learning how to walk. You need to let them take one step at the time, without pressure. My little hobbits have improved over the years but it took a lot of patient, stops with biscuits and a lot of carrying on the way. We tried not to push their limits trying to make our bushwalk experiences fun.

So back to the kissing point in Townsville. We took the stairs up near the rock pool. It takes you up the hill to the kissing point (yes you must kiss once you get there), I love the view from her. On the back Castle hill and on the front the ocean with Magnetic Island. From there continue the trail on the coast, following the broadwalk.

You will reach a grassy area with few sculptures. We took a rest there, the hobbits play with the snake sculpture. From there, there are two options, follow the coast line to Rowes bay or take the trail up to the botanical garden. You soon find yourself walking up hill again, but it is a short hill.

Follow then the path down which takes you back to Jezzine Baracks.

This place has a lot of facilities including picnic tables, BBQ and a really fun playground. We spent most of the afternoon in here. It is definitely a good Sunday afternoon activity.

Enjoy time outdoors with your family!



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