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Lake Paluma

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Level: Advance

Distance: 22.4 kilometers

This place has toilet, picnic and BBQ facilities for day-trips or camping.

Lake Paluma is a place to rest, refresh, relax, stay, think, recharge and cool down in a water devoid of crocs, sharks or jellyfish. Few weekends ago we visited the Paluma lake to explore the area. Lake Paluma was located few kilometers away from Paluma town.

It is an ideal location for camping and a walking trail around the lake. The lake Paluma trail is long from young kids, but at least you can take a short walk of just few km and then looped around. This place was great fun for our children, as you can noticed from Alessa (8 yrs) experience in there. This is what she wrote:

Me and my sister (Laila hobbit) relaxed and swan in the cold dark brown water of the lake Paluma after walking on a forest trail that surrounds the lake. We rested on the underwater city owned by a mysterious greedy king. Our mum watched is from the sandy bank. Our father snorkelled searching for fish but found none. Mum then called us out for lunch. Laila and me cuddle in the towel. We munched our delicious wraps as i felt the cold wind brushing my hair into my face. After lunch, Me and Laila collected shells and walked on the brown beach. We played a game in trail about exploring mysterious forest with fierce tigers and ants. We also played another game in which our village had burnt down and we needed to find at home.

It was time to leave, but I didn't want to. Me and my sister hoped in the car and we drove away back to our sweet home.

I look forward for a new adventure with Mum and Dad! Alessa PF

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