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Millaa Millaa Waterfalls circuit and walks

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Have you been in a rainforest? Have you walked through the many tracks of Queensland’s rainforests? If you haven’t, you have no idea what you are missing. When I enter a rainforest, I like looking up at the tree’s canopy, at the shapes of leaves, the stripes of light penetrating the forest and the tall trees fighting for space and light. I feel overwhelmed, and small. I feel as if I have travelled back in time. Do you know that many of the trees in the rainforest have been there for many hundred, sometimes thousands, of years? This is the sort of things I think about while I walk in a rainforest...

This time, the hobbits had a fantastic adventure to the Tablelands in Queensland. Waterfalls, rivers, creeks and rainforest were our most common views and the protagonist of our trails. We tried to walk as much as possible. We did a total of 20 km in five days. We feel very proud of our little hobbits. I will give you a summary of the trails we did but there is a lot of information online. This Tablelands is an amazing opportunity for your children to discover the rainforest.

The Tablelands is in North Queensland, about 280 km north of Townsville, where we live. There are many forest and parks that are including in the Tablelands, many of which are Wet Tropics Heritage Areas. This amazing and spectacular area of Australia covers around 900,000 ha. We started our trip visiting the Wooroonnooran National park near Henrietta Creek, and the area around the Milla Milla township.

Waterfalls circuit (Theresa Creek road)

Take the Theresa Creek road just east of the Millaa Millaa township, and begin the famous waterfalls circuit, which features the Millaa Millaa, Zillie and Elinjaa waterfalls. Each of these places has a short trail which are easy for little ones. A word of warning though, the trails get VERY muddy when it rains. The Milllaa Millaa falls gets a lot of tourist and according to locals, it is the most visited Falls in North Queensland.

Millaa Millaa falls

A common picture of the Millaa Millaa fall features a breathtaking waterfall in a exotic tropical paradise. However, to be honest this is a bit of a facade. Yes, I agree that the falls is amazing but the area around it is not well maintained, including the facilities (toilets and changing rooms). The council removed a lot of the vegetation as it was not native, but didn't replace it with natives, which has led to a lot of the area being a muddy mess. To make matters worse the falls is "Instafamous" and hence receives a mass of tourists that can nearly drive there car into the waterfalls, the parking is so close (you don't have to get out of your car if your time short). Tourists crowd on the path to escape the mud and hence the area is crowded and the path itself consisting of broken slabs of concrete (with a dash of mud).

The real Milla Milla photo (left). Laila was not impressed.

Refreshing but cold!

At the back of the bus parking area there is a 500 m walk that follows the creek and returns to the main bus parking area. You can find more information here and a good map of the area. http://www.millaamillaa.com/waterfalls.htm

Entrance to the walking trail

Very muddy trail

Milla Milla track

We met a friend in the car park at Zillie Falls (on the left).

Alessa filming and in the background Milla Milla falls (right).

Zillie falls

Zillie Falls family photo

Elinjaa falls

Elinjaa Falls


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