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Misty mountains: Gorrell track for kids

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Level: Intermediate-Advance

Distance of the full track: 25.7 (one way)

Alternative route with kids: 4km (return) from South Johnstone

Alternative route with kids: 7.2 km (return) from Mena Creek

Info: No phone reception, be Cassowary wise!

Who likes waking listening to the sound of chirping birds? surrounded by mystical clouds? admiring the prehistorical sight of tall ferns trees? or to have an early morning swim in a cool river?

Then, you should visit South Johnstone river camping ground and explore the misty mountains in North Queensland.

Two years ago, I wanted to explore the misty mountains, when I found the map shown bellow, I though it was going to be impossible to do something like this with young children. But, one day i told papa hobbit "you know what? we don't need to do ALL the way, let's explore the misty mountains anyways, we can just go and find alternative routes to do with children."

More information on this area here

So, two years ago we started our adventures into the misty mountains. As for the hobbit's book, we had a wild experience in our first trip to the Tully side of the misty mountains, as we walked throughout the mountain. We didn't meet a golumb or and an ork, but we got chase by a Cassowary (see another post coming soon). This year in June, we tried again when we visited the Tablelands, but the tracks on the Tully road side were close. Then finally, last month, we made another trip to the misty mountains. This post is about our third attend and adventure to the misty mountains, the Gorrell track, kids version :)

South Johnstone camping area is located at the Wooroonooran National Park, It is not only close to one of the misty mountain trails, the Gorrell track but it is also a hidden tropical paradise. The Gorrell track is long, it goes both side of the mountain from Mena Creek and all the way up to South Johnstone. We started our trip by getting in the car and driving from the camping place in South Johnstone to the entrance of the trail, located at only 2.6 km from there. We noticed that the trail passed by a creek so we decided to follow that route. I turned on my step tracing app on the phone. There was a gate blocking the entrance. We had to climb over it to continue on the track.

The track was wide and not rough. It was easy to walk on it, one of our daughter even took her shoes off on the way back. Just keep in mind that it is a shared track with mountain bicycles. We walked over crunchy leaves and surrounded by tall ferns trees (did you know the ferns are million years old?) and other enormous trees. The track was mostly shade by the tree canopy. I really enjoyed this track, accompanied by signing birds.

After 1,67km, we found Maple creek passing by. We stopped at the small bridge cutting through the creek and stayed there for a while. We all went naked!!! we forgot or bathing suits. Jumped into the refreshing cooling water.

After that we went continued ahead to explore some more but after 2km of walking we got tired and decided to turn around, taking the same way back. We had an enjoyable and wild adventure. Next time, we will visit the same trail but from the other side, the side starting at Mena's Creek.

Have a fairy trail!

Mamma hobbit.

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