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Ready, set, go: A new beginning for us.

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

We are back!! Hello world! This is our first post after our two month break. But, before we tell you about our new adventures, we would like to tell you a bit about us.

If you are new to our website, Welcome! It is nice to meet you. If you are from the Whitsundays, then hello and we are happy to be part of your little piece of paradise.

We would like to introduce our project to our new followers so please keep reading…Yes! Please. Stay. Don’t scroll down :) If you already know our project just skip this part and go straight to what's new in outdoorhobbits.

Who are we?

I go by many names. Sofia, Sofi, Sof, mamma hobbit. I am a creative artist and swim teacher, with a degree in Biology. I am the writer, webpage designer, art director, etc, etc, etc, of this project. Sam -or papa hobbit- is a scientist, works full time but hidden deep inside, underneath his skin, he hides an amazing talent, as a photographer. So he is the main photographer of this project, and spends some of his spare time as the editor of this website. Then last but not least, our team includes two main characters, two beautiful girls, our daughters, Laila and Alessa. They are great nature explorer and we love exploring with them and to tell stories about all the places we go.

Our inspiration

This project was created by me, inspired by my partners archive of beautiful nature photography. It was also inspired by our daughters and their adventures. And finally by Queensland's natural beauty.

When we moved to Australia, It was hard to find places to go for a walk all in one website. I usually spent hours searching on the net before heading somewhere on the weekends. My search online and with locals led me to collect a lot of information of places to go together with literature about the natural history of Queensland. Then Sam started accumulating amazing photos of our walks and hikes on the computer. There were so many photos! These photos were simply taking up storage space with no one else to be shared with. So one day I told him that it was time to do something about it. It was time to share our experiences as parents exploring nature with two young children. So over time we made this website that is becoming a go to resource for checking out where to take the kids (and adults) in nature in the Townsville area. Currently we are now covering the Airlie beach area, where we know we will uncover some real gems. And that's how our website started. If you wonder why it's called Outdoorhobbits, then check out this story.

What’s our motto?

Go out and explore nature! We find places to go, whether it's a hike or a trail or a creek. We take photos. I then write about our experience and we put it all together on our website.

How does the website work?

Browse around our website. We have a list of trails to visit with children around tropical Queensland. We have a photography portfolio. In November we will start selling some of Sam's photography on Queensland nature to fund the website.

New HQ: Airlie beach and the Whitsundays.

The hobbits, now of the Whitsundays, are recharged. Moving down from Townsville wasn't that challenging. We had much longer moves previously, like when we moved from Norway. So we are settled. The girls started at a new school. Sam (papa hobbit) started a new job (and the reason why we moved to Airlie beach). And for me, things couldn't have started better, I work as a swim teacher at the local pool and have been working on my art portfolio, which has been receiving a lot of positive feedback and sales. The support from people for my art has been amazing, and for all the encouragement I would like to say a huge thank you, it has made a huge difference. My shop online is up and running. Have a look into some of my art, particularly if you are a fan of the great barrier reef.

I have no words for describing how it feels to live in this part of Queensland. AMAZING is not even close. We live ten minutes walk to the beach and we are surrounded by ocean, a tropical forest, and a vibrant small town full of interesting, friendly and happy locals. We have put on our boots, our gear and managed to do a few walks in the last two months. And although we have problems finding time to go for walks, we managed. We moved our "outdoorhobbits" days to Thursday instead of Sundays, because papa hobbit works over weekends. We go for walks after school and make the best out of them. Finding time is hard when we are busy with work work work, so we have begun to plan better.

In another post coming up we will dealing with this issue. Finding time to go outdoors.

What’s next in OutdoorHobbits?

Adventures!!! Discover the Whitsundays!

We hope to post two stories monthly (or even threes if we get the chance). And for this new season of Outdoorhobbits these are our new features:

  • Focus is on the Whitsundays.

  • New style format for easy access to walk's information.

  • We will also have guest writers on our blog. If you are interested in writing on our blog please contact us (outdoorhobbits@gmail.com).

  • Interviews and collaborations.

  • Family group walks.

  • Outdoor arts activities for kids and parents. Which is linked to Miss Sofi F. art's project too.

Once again, welcome to our website. Thanks to all our followers out there. Please remember to subscribe to a email list and that way you won't miss any of the action.

All the best.


(edited by Sam Penglase)


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