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Outdoor hobbit levels

Are you ready for an outdoor adventure?

Search our trail list on right side of our blog. We have divided the list into three. Places in Townsville, near Townsville and others in Queensland. If you have suggestions for other places, we are happy to hear from you.

Find a level suitable for your children.

We have created our own level system based in young ages, it is not related to the Australian hiking system. Of course the scoring will depend on the age of your kids and the fitness of your family. Our levels are as follows:

Beginner: No hike experience required. Kids can walk by themselves. the trail is short 50 meters to 1 km. Usually flat surface with no steps or steep parts. Suitable for all ages but best for beginners explores.

Intermediate: Some bushwalking experience. Can walk between 2 to 5 km. Flat to moderate, some steps and gentle hill section.

Advance: Can walk 5 km to 10 km (or more). Bush walking experience recommended. Tracks may have short/steep hill sections or a rough surface or/and many steps.

Find a good carrier

If you have very young children and still want to walk long distances, just find a good carrier! We have trained our kids one step at the time. We used to carry our children in carriers on our backs during long walks. As they grow, they can slowly take longer walks. If you have young children and want to adventure with long walks just do it. There are amazing carriers out there you can use. We have done many times.

Hope we can help you to find the right trail for your family.

The Hobbits.

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