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Refreshing at Big Crystal Creek

Updated: Jan 21

Before you start

Level: Intermediate

Distance: 0.5 km (one way from the creek car park)

How to get there: Follow the Bruce Highway to Paluma, and find the sign to Big Crystal Creek. Follow the road all the way to the cark pak, passing the camping are.

Facilities: At the picnic area before the rock slides.

Nothing else beats the heat, in a hot summer day Townsville than going to a cool, refreshing creek. One of a favourite places to go to escape from the heat, Big crystal creek.

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We love Big Crystal Creek. This place is fantastic. The adventures are endless. You can hike, have a picnic, refresh in a water hole, and enjoy a camping trip, slide on a rock slide and much more...

Crystal creek is located in Paluma Range National Park, at the vicinity of the green and stunning Mount Spec.

There are two places where crystal creek makes this amazing waterfall and where people can enjoy its refreshing water and have some fun. One is called little crystal, located on the way to Paluma. The other, Big crystal creek. This post is about Big Crystal creek and all the things you could do in this wonderful area of Paluma National Park.

First water hole at rock slides of Crystal Creek seeing from above

Finding this place is easy. After the car park, you can enter the gate and follow the road. A creek pass on the road and goes up, ascending a bit, it looks like challenging. After four hundred meters, you'll find a sign indicating your way to the rockslides. The track continues for another 100m and then it splits into two, one way goes down to the first water hole and the other one continues up the hill to the second water hole.

On the way down to the first water hole

Relaxing at the second water hole.

The second water hole is better. There is more space for sitting.

The rock slides are fun but we careful with your kids, specially if they don't are very confident at swimming. The water current produced by the falls can drag them. Our recommendation would be to slide down the rock with your kids while in your lap. Also have some else supervising, just in case something happens to you while going on the rock slide.

We aware of slippery rocks. Watch out for your kids all the time.

Cool down from the heat and stay for a while with the family. You will spot amazing butterflies and will feel renew and ready to start another Monday at work.

Enjoy time outdoors and remember to take your rubbish with you!

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