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Ross river dam

Level: Intermediate.

Ross river dam? Really? Why?

Well i was surprise to find out that I actually like this place.

We recently got our dam with Percent Full, 87% (23/03/2018).

This is amazing for Townsville. I told Papa hobbit let's visit Ross river dam and take some photos. I bet you don't think about doing that. To our surprise there is a nice walk you can do with your kids. Teach them about dam and also find wallabies on the rocks. SO i decided to classify the Ross river Dam as a fairy trail. The trail starts up on a hill.

It leads you to the top of the dam. You can choose to walk either to the left side (the longer trails) or to the right towards the floodgates. The only shay spot is to your left. You can sit there admire the landscape, see the turtles and birds.

If you take the floodgates side, you soon find stairs going down and back to the car park.

Warning!!! There is no shade during the walk. You and you little ones will be very expose to the sun and heat. Either go early morning or late afternoon, or take precautions!

Enjoy Townsville! and outdoor time with your kids.



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