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Shelly cove in Cape Pallarenda

Updated: Jan 21

Level: Beginner

Distance: 750m (one way)

The shelly trail

The shelly cove trail has been one of my favourite trails since we move to Townsville. What I like about it is that the sea accompanies you while walking, with Magnetic Island by your side.

There are several tracks in Cape Pallarenda. The Shelly track is easy and can be combine with a day on the hidden beach behind Cape Pallarenda.

for more information visit https://www.npsr.qld.gov.au/parks/cape-pallarenda/about.html

The trail starts with a short stairs and continues to a gravel trail that ends on the beach. Be aware that this is an unofficial nudist beach. After the wet season the trail is very green (we love green) and has many species of butterflies. I probably spotted five or so species during the walk, including a Cairns bird wing butterfly.

Hot Hot Hot bring a Hat Hat Hat

The only down side of this trail is that there are no tall trees that can provide shade. There are two old WWII forts, one at the beginning and one at the end of the gravel trail. They can provide shelter and a view. The second one makes a nice look out place and if you go during wet season you will find green tree frogs.

Then, you son reach the beach. It is a nice place to relax but again, it has no shady spots. Our little hobbit girls like collecting sea animals on the sand. Some people use this place has a unofficial nude beach, so we aware of this when taking your kids. You could also walk a bit further, passing the rocks on the side to explore a bit more.

Hobbit's tips:

Always watch out for snakes! We have seen them.

Take plenty of water.

Don't forget a hat.

We recommend doing this trail early in the morning or later afternoon, specially during summer time.

Enjoy your fairy trail!

View from the trail down to Pallarenda.

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