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Silver and Nandroya falls trail

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Level: Intermediate

Length: 2.2km return (or 4km iF you do the loop)

This amazing trail was just off the Palmerston Highway, in the heart of the Wooroonora National Park, in the Atherton Tablelands. There was a 2.2 km trail, where you go in and return via the same path; or the loop of 4 km. This trail made you return on different way. The trail started at the car park next to the Henrietta creek camping site.

The shorter trail was in a well maintained walk through a tropical rainforest, where above you was a canopy of tropical rainforest trees such as giant fig trees, while the forest floor consists of many ferns and ginger species. The shorter trail took past to the Silver falls and ends at Nadroya falls.

Silver Falls

Silver falls wa a majestic and petit waterfall, right next to the trail. It was a definite stopping point for a rest. It had a drop of around 6 m. Further on the trail, we found Nadroya. This waterfall was magical and stunning, and without the crowds found at other waterfalls such as Millaa Millaa. The waterfall cut through a wall and fell down about 20 m with ferocity into the water hole below. The cliff face was shaded from the sun, and as such is covered with lush green vegetation. The sun hid behind the wall and at times pierced through the top of the waterfall, creating a spectacular display of golden rays of light through the water mist falling down below.

We stayed for a while, had lunch and a refreshing swim (the water was cold but bearable) and then took the alternate trail to return. This trail was not as well maintained as the trail in, with sections that had been washed away and were peppered with large cracks and holes. The beginning of this trail followed the creek from Nadroya falls so it was a pleasant thing to have the water noise in the background. We also got a fleeting glance of a tree kangaroo as it bounded over the walking trail (yes it was on the ground, maybe they should be called tree/ground kangaroos). And for the kids, it was an easy trail to do. as it was not too challenging and not too steep. The girls said the really liked the silver falls.

Hobbit's recommendation

  • Watch out for snakes. We saw a red bellied black snake sunbathing on a rock just off the track. It was beautiful and as we left it alone, it left us alone.

  • Take long trousers, and closed in shoes. The locals warned us of leeches although we didn't encounter any on this trail

  • Watch out for stinging trees.

  • Facilities: toilets and picnic tables.

  • Option for camping at Henrietta creek

Check this link for more: http://www.wettropics.gov.au/nandroya-falls-circuit.html

Have a fantastic fairy trail!

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