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Souita and Pepina Falls: Tablelands

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Level: Beginner

Distance of Souita falls trail: 500m (return)

On the second day of our Atherton Tablelands trip, we ventured to Ravenshoe. For one it is pronounced Ravens Hoe, not Raven Shoe. Apparently the locals will be pretty unimpressed if you say the Shoe version, and they have a point as the Ravens aren't wearing any shoes in Ravenshoe, but on the flip side, we didn't see any Ravens hoeing either. To get there, we followed the Old Palmerston road from Millaa Millaa, driving through farm land spotted with Rainforest, the odd waterfall and trails to visit. Our morning walk started in Souita Falls. Souita Falls is a hidden treasure not far from Millaa Millaa on the way to Ravenshoe.

Check this link for a map and address


Road and entrance to Souita Falls

In one of the surviving patches of rainforest, you will find this impressive waterfall after walking a short distance of xx m along the trail. The trail has a few steps that take you down to two lookouts where you get to see an impressive amount of water toppling over rocks. I loved the way the trail meandered through tropical plants and the tree canopy was so dense that you felt submerged in an ocean of green. Then when you return, you come out of the forest and into farm land with cows grazing. It was a very surreal feeling.

Walking track and lookout at Souita Falls

Magic passages and amazing fall.

Souita Falls. South of Millaa Millaa

Then we drove to Pepina Falls, which is a little further up the Old Palmerston road and practically right next to the road (your left side if your heading from Millaa Millaa). There was a short trail which was not well marked, and very wet and muddy, but we could not find a clear trail to the bottom of the falls. We stayed on the side and watched the Fall from the top. The girls enjoyed time taking videos, and doing their crazy (I called it that way) game of video recording pretend situations.


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