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Take care of our parks

Updated: Jan 24

This post is indented to show you how some people behave. How some people either do not care or are lazy and simply do not take care of our parks and common areas.

Imaging these cases:

1. You are going with your family to a camping trip. After a long time in the car with the kids asking ‘when are we going to arrive?’, or repeating constantly ‘I am hungry’; you finally arrive to your camping spot and look for a place to set up the tent. You look for a place with good view, or the one closest to the bathrooms. Whatever your strategy is, you get there to find that... there is rubbish everywhere.

Take your rubbish. This is not a bin!

2. You are taking a day trip with your kids to a park. The kids are vey excited to use the playground. You get there to find there broken glass all over the floor or that there is a Lady smoking in the park in front of children

In my mind, it is really hard understanding why people would do such things. Why would you leave your garbage in the park? Why are you so lazy? Take your rubbish! Why would you bring glass where there is a sign telling you ‘do not take glass’. Why would you smoke in the park? Even more worrisome, you do it in front of your children!

Either some people don’t mind living with garbage all around the place or just don't care. But you should. We only have one planet. Earth! We live in it. It is your home so take care of it.

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