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Tell me a story: the game

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

The idea for this game came after one of the session I had with sea side writing and also inspired by my oldest daughter's storytelling skills. For the game, each participant chooses a word (noun, adjective or verb).

We write them down separately on a piece of paper or sticky note. I grab the words and hide them (usually in my pocket). The first participant grabs a word from my pocket. S/he reads the word aloud and makes a one minute story that contains the word. Then the next participant takes another word and uses it while they continue the story of the previous person for another minute. The third person on the game takes another word and uses it to continue the story for a further minute, and so on.

The last person on the game must finish the story, also in one minute (while using their word).

You can do this activity while walking or while sitting on the picnic table.

Try it! It is fun. My hobbits did not want to stop playing.

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Enjoy your magic bushwalk!

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