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The Magic fall: Wallaman and about

Updated: Jan 21

Level: Advance

We had a relaxing camping trip to celebrate my birthday. It has been a while since we had an adventure into the tropical rain forest. We left dry tropical Townsville very early in the morning, to encounter the wet tropic. In this occasion, we chose Wallaman falls. Wallaman falls is located 51 km south-west of Ingham. Ingham is a town North of Townsville. The road trip from Ighman to the camping site was spectacular. It takes you through an amazing rain forest of endless trees. After driving up for a while, we arrived to our camping spot. We set up the tent, refilled our bellies and relaxed for a bit. We did several walks around the area.

Next to the camping site, there is a short walk kids friendly. Next day, we walked the trail leading to the bottom of the fall. The trail starts at the top of the hill and it is hard for children. There are two look outs, one of them allows you to admire it from the distance. The fall is 268 m tall and is the tallest single-drop fall of Australia. The longer trail goes down the fall. It is a very steep trail of around 2 km one way and it leads to another look out. These did not stop my great adventurous girls to make both ways. I would suggest doing the trail early in the morning. Although it is shaded by trees most of the way. Also you might want to return up the hill before midday.

We were the only people on the trail that morning. The only sound you could hear was the birds, the fall and my daughters singing/talking. We made the walk down in one hour. The track is magical. It feels as you are walking inside a fairy tale. There are so many trees, passages among and between rocks, mushrooms, flowers. We kept the girls distracted by collecting seeds, flowers and by giving them snacks. We also stopped several times to rest. Once at the fall, we took the classic family photo with the fall on the background and sat down for a while to contemplate the cascade.

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