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The magic stick

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Creativity is now part of my daily life. In fact, I think that creativity should be part of everyone's life everyday. Creativity is within us and has always been. It expresses in many different ways, and sometime without noticing. My creativity self was dormant, or hibernating for a very long time. Perhaps, I got caught with a busy life and without realising it, I was loosing the creative self I used to have once. I did not let it flourished, instead I let it sleep. My little hobbit girls have helped me to awake my inner creative self. They showed me, the way of having an every day creative life using all my senses. My hobbits creative inner self comes out every day doing sometimes the silliest things but it specially does, when we go on camping trips. When we go camping, we do not take many toys or books on the trip. We don't have much space in the car and the girls just take a small backpack with few items. Maybe this is the reason why their inner creativity intensifies while camping. I wanted to share this post with you, on how my girls often find themselves without toys and use their creativity to create art using items from nature.

This time they created A Magic Stick

It is a very simple activity created by Alessa, our oldest daughter, while camping. She goes around the camping site collecting sticks and other items such flowers and leaves (not animals like in the illustration). She then find ways to attach the items to the sticks to create the magic stick. She can make really beautiful creations with only a stick and few leaves.

It is such a simple activity but they love it and entertains them for a while. Leave behind technology and let our ancestral human connection with nature to come back to you, this can help you awake your inner creativity. My little hobbits have taught me this. Try it, it is fun.

Enjoy outdoors time with your family and awake your inner creative self!

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