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The origins of Outdoor hobbits

Our nickname, the hobbits, was born in the land of the Vikings, far to the North of this planet, beyond the wall, on the West coast of Norway, in a town called Bergen. Fourteen years ago, Mamma hobbit, made a big decision in her life. Leave behind the warm Caribbean land of Venezuela to move to Norway. She crossed the sea in a plane searching for a new life adventure. She never though that the life adventure would change her life forever. Meanwhile, in the other side of the world, down under, Papa hobbit decided to make a journey to Europe. He ended up in Norway too. He also never though that his journey would change his life.

Mamma and Papa hobbit met while studying at the University. They started their relationship and it did not take too long for their friends to call them the hobbits. I guess, I do not need to tell you what a hobbit is. Hobbits are a fictional character created by J. R. R. Tolkien. Like hobbits, Mamma and Papa hobbit are short in stature compared to the other humans, especially compared to Norwegians. However, unlike hobbits, Mamma and Papa hobbit do not have big hairy feet, or pointy ears. On the contrary, their feet are plain and small.

Soon after the hobbits met, a little hobbit girl was born. Mamma hobbit and Papa hobbit decided to continue their journey in Norway and settled down there for a while. Three years after another baby hobbit girl was born. Their girls were also short.They became the hobbit family of Bergen.

The hobbits started their adventures in Norway, inspired by the Norwegians. The hobbits have come to realise that their nickname not only represents their size. Their nickname means so much more. Their nickname represents their outdoors way of living. The hobbit family, like the main hobbit characters, are adventures, have courage, are persistent and love being in nature.

After a long time in Norway, the hobbits decided to explore Australia, Papa hobbit homeland. They moved down under to settle in Townsville, Queensland. When they did, they took with them a big part of Norway. They took the Norwegian life style of going outdoors to explore mountains. They took with them the magic of the term gå på tur (going hiking).

Norway we will always be in their hearts. Happy 17th of May Norway!


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