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The wishing pool walk

Updated: Jan 24

Before you start

Level: Easy

Distance: 1.7 km (in a loop)

How to get there: Drive from Eungella on the road to Eungella dam for about 10 km, then turn off onto Crediton loop road (on your left), and drive for about 5 km where you will find a sign reading "Track access point". The car park is at the right side of the road. It's likely you will drive past it the first time, it's not the most obvious track.

Facilities: None, closest place is Crediton hall with toilets, picnic tables and one bbq, which is a bit further along Crediton loop road.

The name of the trail is the wishing pool trail, which made it an attractive destination for a walk on the 1st of January 2019. The idea I had in mind was to take the girls to this pool so they could make their New year's wishes. This walk wasn't exactly what I expected though. There is no sign along the track to indicate what is the wishing pool, so this must be a local knowledge thing. I was probably expecting a lookout with the view of a water hole of some kind, clean and clear, but alas there was not. Although we didn't find a wishing pool we discovered an amazing walk through the rainforest of Eungella, despite the damage caused by the recent bushfires.

Is this the wishing pool? One of the surreal looking pools along the Wishing Pool trail.

The trail meanders in a loop through dense tall rainforest with a thick canopy overhead. In places the canopy opened up from where the forest was burnt in the recent bushfires in November 2018. It was a little sad, but it was also interesting to see how the forest had not bounced back like what we saw in eucalyptus forests in nearby areas that were burnt around the same time. Many of the trees that appeared to have died in the fire were now fully showing the effects with their brown leaves now covering the forest floor.

The brown side of the wishing pool trail.

Many trees on this side of the trail went down with the fires, and we saw three that were huge and thus probably ancient. It was amazing now that these trees were on the ground, you could see the huge amount of epiphytes like giant staghorn ferns that previously thrived in the tree, that were now lying on the ground in massive heaps. A lot of the palm trees and ferns had lost their green colours and instead were covered in black patches of ashes, some were showing signs of regeneration, but for most it looked like game over.

Is this the wishing pool? One of the magical looking river pools along the wishing pool trail.

After some time, the trail intersects with the Crediton trail at Broken River (this trail is closed in January 2019), and you continue to follow the trail along the river, among a large strecth of forest which was not burnt and then back to the car park.

The wishing pool trail at Eungella was definitely a great walk for children, it is not long and easy to walk. The walk is also a great learning experience for them on rainforest.

This is the further side of the trail when the track loops to either way. The other track to the left, is the Crediton creek walk, it was closed on the 1st of January 2019

Make a wish at the Wishing pool :)

Hobbits recommendation

Wear long pants and shoes, you will get attacked by leeches.

Watch out on the road when crossing to the track, as it is on a corner. As mentioned, the sign for this track is not obvious.

Leeches are common in the rainforest, they are armless but we recommend wearing long pants and closed shoes

Hello friendly leech!

Picnic at Crediton Hall

After the walk, we drove to Crediton hall, which is a bit further up the Crediton loop road, and stopped for a picnic. Crediton hall had a camping ground, toilet, and bbq facilities and picnic tables. It makes a great place for a break and for enjoying the plains and the forest view while sitting on a picnic table. And from time to time you can spot cows passing by which seem to have the run of the place.

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