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Wetland walk and Lagoon with kids

Level: Beginners.

This post continues our adventure to Cape Pallarenda in Townsville. At the end of Pallarenda, there is a entrance which takes you to several trails. These trails are popular with mountain bike riders and hikers alike. We started the trail but found out that it was probably to hard for young children, not because of the distance, but because of the sun and heat.

Our alternative walk for young kids (1.1 km one way)

If you want to visit this part of Townsville (which we highly recommend you do), we have an alternative option for the little ones. Start the trail from the road. Soon you will find a sign directing you to the Wetland walk. It is a 400 m trail and takes you through one small part of the wetland. We also recommend doing this during the Wet season, however, you need to check for flood warnings on the Queensland park website. The little hobbits loved the bridge and the butterflies.

Here is the map of the area. There are several options ranging from leisurely stroll to full on day long workouts. The trail we did with our young hobbits and recommend for doing with young children is marked by a red line on map above.

After this Wetland trail you are back in the main trail going to the lagoon trail. Soon after, you'll see a gate, pass the gate and you will find a bench with a fantastic lookout to the lagoon. This place is called Tegoora rock. This is an easy option for those with young kids so you can make them walk for a bit and enjoy nature. You can combine this walk with a picnic and birdwatching.

Magic fauna of the trail

Birds, tree frogs, butterflies, meat eating ants

Some of the butterflies we found.

Ants, toads, and frogs.

Hobbit's recomendations

Bring double the amount of water for these trails! the trail is exposed to sun and gets very hot! Thus try for early morning, late afternoon. Watch out for meat ants, they crawl on you and bit you. This species eats cane toads (so be nice to them from a distance).

Have a nice fairy trail!


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