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What I learnt from my daughter's writing passion

Today's post is about a girl who is passionated about reading children books and writing stories. The girl is called Alessa, our daugther.

When Alessa turned six, she showed a strong interest in writing stories, as soon as she could put sentences together in a notebook, she would sit quietly somewhere in the house, with pencil and notebook in hand and she would write for a long time, sometimes even for one hour. Soon her stories grew stronger, from short sentences, she moved into chapters, and created characters and even a story plot. When she turned seven, we took an online course about how to make a picture book and we created stories and characters together as part fo the course. After that experience, Alessa interest (and mine) for writing stories grew stronger.

Then early this year, I heard of a writing workshop dedicated for children age 8 to 12, and organised by the Townsville Writers and Publisher Centre (TWPC), Scribblerz Young Writers Workshop. This workshop allows children to learn writing skills, a great opportunity for them to met other kids during the school holidays. I wish I could have attended to something like that when I was a kid.

From that experience, Alessa and the other children not only improve their writing skills but they all wrote a story each. Their stories were all combined in a book, an anthology. The stories in the book are so amazing, the kids were so talented and the workshop certainly helped them improve their writing, or at least it did for Alessa.

And guess what? Alessa told me last week that she wanted to join the Scribblez workshop with TWPC in January 2019 again! So she will be joining the workshop again. I am very happy she decided that.

Alessa wishes to become an author one day, I know children change their mind as they grow, but as long as she wants to pursuit a path on writing, I will support her along the way.

In the meantime, for me as a writer, I enjoy having a kid like Alessa around, she has become my writing pal. We spent time having conversations about our characters and share ideas for our stories. Her interest with stories and children books moves me and inspires my career as a writer. When I see my daughter writing, it inspires me to become a better writer. When writing, Alessa just lets her self go with the flow, she doesn't suffer of any writer block, or worries about what people could think of her story, or what is the next publisher she would target. My daughter just sits and writes, enjoying every word or line she puts on a piece of paper. I think a lot of writers should learn from children and how they perform the writing process.

Hopefully next year we will be able to put together two of her stories in a book, "Benjemin and the curse of the tiara" and "The forest guards", after the launching of P&F books.

And yes I am very proud of my daughter! and I thank her for inspiring my writing and showing me a better way to approach my writing and creative process.


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