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Two years of OutdoorHobbits



Two years have passed...

If you are new to our website, then welcome! Who are we and what do we do? Well, read on to find out.... 

It all started with a faint idea. A project inspired by our adventures in Norway and by the Norwegians life style (read the story here). It started with one blog and some photography of an adventure we did, then another, and another, until....now, where it has become a magazine. In the blog we have been sharing all the adventures we have done in the past two years around Queensland, Australia, where we live. 

The website and blog in time has evolved, from a blog to a much more ambitious project. And today, it's the day we take a step further into the new era of OutdoorHobbits. 

We are pleased to introduce to you our first edition of the OutdoorHobbits online magazine. A magazine focused on adventurous parents and their children (or planning to be). The magazine is devoted to nature adventure, nature writing, outdoor art and of course, hiking and trekking with children. Our philosophy is to connect parents and kids to nature because we believe that if we exposed children to nature at a young age, they will grow a sense of caring and loving connection with it. In turn, this connection will create a generation of humans who care and protect our Planet. 

So here we are, connecting parents and kid with nature and most importantly connecting with you. We hope to create a community of adventurous parent and we would love to hear your stories too, no matter in which part of the world you live. We are going global!

Here are the new features of OutdoorHobbits:

Writer contributors. We are currently looking for adventurous parents across the globe with a passion for storytelling to share stories about nature and the outdoors.  Please email us at outdoorhobbits@gmail.com 

A donation button. We are a non-profit project. We do this project because we are passionate about it, however, setting up OutdoorHobbits takes time and money. I know everyone asks for money but unfortunately, this is the way our society works. Your contribution will be much appreciated. 

Subscribers. The internet and especially social media, are cluttered with posts. Algorithms control who you can see on social media so it is sometimes hard to reach you through the haze. The best way to reach you is by email. Subscribe to our emailing list so you can receive our newsletters. They won't be many, don't worry. We only send one every time there is a new magazine edition. Find the subscriber's box down below. 

The May edition of OutdoorHobbits brings a whole bunch of fascinating stories. Meet the couple from New South Wales Australia, living off-grid with a baby. Discover cockatoo creek in Townsville, an excellent trail to introduce and train kids to hike. We give you tips on how to build resilient kids, and what better way to do so than with hiking. 

Thank you so much for your support for the last two years! if you are new, welcome again. 

Let's find more adventures and reach more peaks with our kids!

All the best,

Sofia and Sam

The OutdoorHobbits team

© 2020

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